Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cape Town Delight

Cape Town began inauspiciously with a lost bag in JoBurg. Known as “Gangsters Paradise” because of its organized crime and License Plate code of “GP,” this was not the place to lose a suitcase. Thanks to a discerning South African Airways oficial, I managed to get my bag forwarded onto Cape Town only 2 hours late.

When I arrived I saw my sign and driver waiting. First things first, I learn that he’s my VIP escort, and he’s been shot four times. Yes, four times, and stabbed five times. As his client, I’m a disappointing precursor to his next, a man by the name of Bill Gates.

He had a sturdy walk, and a head that pivoted like an owl’s. He was circumspect and cool behind dark sunglasses, and he escorted me to our vehicle through the night. His vigilence stirred concern. Was this seriously necessary after Dar es Salaam?

He checked me into my waterfront room, and was back at 8am to retrieve me with an earpiece, and a touring agenda. After a jaunt and coffee in the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, we embarked for Cape Point. On the way we spotted numerous whales offshore, stopped to admire penguins in Boulders, and walked around Simon’s Town. Once to Cape Point, I hiked to the lighthouse, and we took snaps aside the signs for the Cape of Good Hope. On return we passed around the other side of Table Mountain, took a stroll on Long Street in downtown, and took a coffee and a Wimpy burger on the edge of Cape Town’s largest township. “Best coffee in Cape Town,” he claims.

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