Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lobby Consulting

On Tuesday Josh and I hosted 7 local students from Dar es Salaam to discuss their business ideas, and provide them with information about how to leverage the Internet. In their eager eyes I saw my own ambition and also my own past failing, my own grandiose notion that I could tackle it all; the naivety; the focus and energy.

Our drinks went well with the wireless, and we used the Firefox library to show them tricks in their industry. Natural search taught them that their website could be located. Google Analytics taught them that they could demystify their user, and understand their behavior to the benefit of their web design. AdWords taught them that they could market directly based on user IP address and keyword. And AdSense taught them that traffic alone is a virtue and can be monetized on the web. We opened a whole new toolbox.

At the end of three hours Josh and I finally devoured a waterside pizza. I also tried Konyagi, a local gin that was recommended to me by a friend.

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