Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pret a Porter

To-go lunch in Dar es Salaam is interesting in and of itself. Because to-go sacks, bags, or boxes are not available, each local business has its own Tupperware drawer from which the to-go boy will delegate the chicken, rice, and beans.

At TechnoServe, Alex would take our orders, purchase the food in bulk from a local kitchen, return to our office, and divy up the food in Tupperware bowls for the staffers on-site. While the chicken was charred, and the meat was hardly existent, I enjoyed the rice, beans, and sauce served from translucent Tupperware while I was in Dar.

A product of unavailable resources, the modern world could learn from an African necessity of conservation and reuse, driven by a lack of development, but inspiring nonetheless.

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