Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mchopa On Board

After completing his website in DreamWeaver, we took the MacBook Pro to Mchopa and his streetside art shop. We displayed the eponymous Mchopa, the gallery, the story, the integration of online media, and the availability to purchase via Google Checkout. After a quick interview with Gregory about his inspiration, to be incorporated into the website, we popped the nails on over 30 canvas paintings, stacked and rolled the masterpieces, and packed them like a textured roll of Masai sushi.

Gregory Mchopa is prolific, and he is talented. We’re going to give this a go with the 50 initial paintings for which we covered his materials. He is risking time and effort; we are risking our faith in his ability and a modicum of cash. A minor barrier to entry, the investment is worth the opportunity of bringing East African art to the United States with online facility, and ease of purchase through Google Checkout. Plus it’s fun.

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